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Purpose: To establish a funding process that increases the capacity of non-profits in the community that support need-based community building efforts established by the New Hanover County Board of County Commissioners for residents of New Hanover County.  Specifically, it is intended that this Capacity Building Initiative will support nonprofit agencies that serve Impact Zone schools and those residents who live in close proximity to the Impact Zone schools.  The Impact Zone encompasses the neighborhoods around seven schools: International School at Gregory, Snipes Academy of Art and Design, Forest Hills Global Elementary, Rachel Freeman School of Engineering, D.C. Virgo Preparatory Academy, Williston Middle School and New Hanover High School.

Target Categories: Employability and jobs, financial assistance (housing, utilities, transportation, etc.), and youth education (6th-12th grades). This year’s investment will have a slight emphasis on financial assistance, but the other two categories will be considered and supported.

Target Category:  Employability and Jobs
Areas of emphasis include: 
• Basic employment skills, employment navigation, and job counseling
• Targeted skill building/certifications to match area’s available jobs

Target Category:  Housing and Financial Assistance
Areas of emphasis include:
• Supportive services and case management
• Homeownership pathway assistance
• Rental, utility, and transportation assistance
• Rental, credit, and budget counseling

Target Category:  Youth Education
Areas of emphasis include:
• Afterschool engagement of middle and high-school aged youth
• English-as-a-second language and intensive-behavioral support services
• Empowerment of parents/guardians to support learning in the home

Funding decisions based upon a program's ability to:
  • Address barriers, program accessibility, and equity.
  • Focus on vulnerable and under-resourced populations. An emphasis will be placed upon programs serving the Impact Zone schools and residents living in close proximity.
  • Balance intervention (meeting immediate needs) and prevention strategies (long-term outcomes).
  • Utilize best practices and use or develop Standardized Program Evaluation Protocols (SPEP).
  • Use or develop proven tracking and evaluation tools clearly tied to program outcomes
To be eligible for funds, organizations must:
- Have 501(c)(3) designation
- Have a physical location and programming within New Hanover County.
- Conduct programs addressing employability and jobs, housing, financial assistance, and/or youth education

$1,179,000 in funding to be awarded
Application window: 2/6/24 - 3/8/24

Begin Accepting Applications Date:
Deadline Date (EST Time Zone):
3/08/2024 11:59 PM
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